Purity Petibles Treats - 150mg (30 treats - 5mg each)
Purity Petibles Treats - 150mg (30 treats - 5mg each)
Purity Petibles Treats - 150mg (30 treats - 5mg each)

Purity Petibles Treats - 150mg (30 treats - 5mg each)

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No pet owner likes to see their furry, four-legged companions suffer or even feel uncomfortable.  If you have an anxious or nervous pet, you’ve probably tried all sorts of things to console them until the noise passes, fireworks are over, friends leave your home, that random car alarm finally stops, etc.  More common still, as years pass and our furry companions become less active and move with discomfort, full spectrum hemp oil can help them feel more comfortable.

If you haven’t been satisfied with the things you’ve tried so far, you’re going to love Purity Petibles hemp pet treats.

Most pets will go wild over these cheese flavored treats, and each one of our soft, moist treats is infused with 5mg of PRC Hemp Oil.  The cannabinoids this oil contains have a proven effectiveness.  Not all products infused with hemp oil are created equally.

It comes down to a matter of quality.  Some manufacturers skimp here, using diluted oil that simply isn’t as pure and is not effective.  On average, the purity level of infused pet treats ranges from 17-40%.

Purity Petibles start with top-notch ingredients, sourced from the finest PRC hemp oil manufacturer in the business.  Our oil is a staggering 80.2% pure, which blows the competition away.  This is significant because the higher the purity, the more effective medicinal value your cherished pet gets from these treats.

CBD-infused oil has documented impacts on a wide range of conditions, including:

  • Common discomforts of aging like joint and back pain
  • Stress-related disorders and anxiety
  • Inflammation
  • Seizures
  • Digestive issues
  • Arthritis and other forms of inflammation
  • Aggressive behavior
  • Depression
  • Traumatic injuries
  • Loss of appetite
  • Cancer care, pain mitigation and slows some tumor growth
  • And more…

***We always recommend consulting your vet.  Full Spectrum Hemp Oil with CBD has been found to be benign, however if your pet has an adverse reaction please stop treatment immediately.